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October 25, 2009



I'm with you 100% on this point! After seeing all the kids these days who have horrible entitlement attitudes, I pledged long ago that my girls would learn pretty quickly that disappointment is a fact of life. Better to learn it from me now than from their therapists in 20 years.


I wish I had a dollar for every time I say to the kids, "Life's not fair. Get used to it." (after being told that something WASN'T FAIR!)


this is so true. i too would never do that but have learned through a few yrs of parenting. I always call gabi my guinea pig, poor girl it is amazing she is so great now.


amen and amen.


Thanks for sharing Julianne, hee hee. Parenting is definitely an experiment in trial and error, I am too quickly learning. I am sure if I am able to have another, I'll do a lot of things different the second time around.

Nancy D

This is hilarious. I am SOOO with you!


I love this! It was like reading my own thoughts.

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