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February 19, 2009



Gracious 20 days!!
T could be the little lady who lived in the shoe. Surely you could find some sort of old lady outfit for her to wear. Oo or Little Bo Peep! lIttle miss muffet, mary had a little lamb, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, That's what little girls are made of.
Good luck!


Oh, I loved not having to suck my gut in, also!

Will's Nana

Thank you soooo much for the Nadya website; I just sent it to friends and family to rile them up for the day : ) By the way I have seen all the major movies up for Oscars, as well as several of the foreign and documentary nominees...point: your movie-watching days will come again.

Angie's Spot

As someone who had the doula and all-natural plan with my first (which ended up in an emergency c-section), I can say that I was thrilled when the date of my 2nd c-section arrived. Not having to do labor and all that nonsense again was worth the whole miserable 9+ months of pregnancy. Wishing you guys all the happiness in the world with your new addition!

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