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January 16, 2009





I'd bet Dudley would be glad to do the P.T. Fetch for her, I'm just not sure he would be good for toasting. By the way, it was 14 degrees overnight up here in the frozen North, did I mention? THAT'S BELOW ZERO!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the extra z's we've got a heat wave coming, supposed to go to 10 above tonight, and maybe even 20 tomorrow!

Tired Mama

Hmm. Here a bubba is a big keg of beer. Now, that leads me to all sorts of other ideas, not suitable for a Mama blog.

I'm glad you got a little extra sleep. Believe it or not a time will come when you will be dragging them out of bed...at about noon.

I like Pop Tarts too. We have the chocolate ones for dessert now and again. Breakfast? Well, it could be worse.Personally, I say go with it if it's working.


Pop tarts are a perfect emergency type food.
Don't hate me because temps where I live are in the high seventies, at the moment. But don't get hysterical or over excited. We're due to have thundershowers next week. And nighttime temps are in the thirties...

Will's Nana

We had a Cocoa Puffs morning up here in Wisconsin yesterday with -21 in real degrees and -40 wind chill. This is Will's third "snow/extreme cold day," meaning that he will be in school at least until June 17th!
With up to 2 1/2 months of winter weather left, the kid may be lucky to get out by the Fourth....of July.

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