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January 13, 2009



You just got to quit posting stuff about porno-bailouts, it seems to be draggin' them out of the woodwork. It's sad that people have to compensate for their inadequacies by freaking out true Southern ladies like yourself.


1. I also think BeastTube is 43 and lives in his Mom's BeastMent.
2. Not sure what kind of satisfaction he is seeking but I am sure nothing compares to the satisfaction he gets from constantly replaying the Princess Leia gold bikini scene from Star Wars.
3. 'nuf said.


I am guessing it is a 14yr old kid who plays the badass online for 20 minutes every Tuesday from 4:10PM - 4:30PM while mom is out picking up his younger sister at piano lessons.


"BeastMent" to funny! :)

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