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December 15, 2008



I saw so many kids with those face paintings and wondered how much they cost. I was too afraid to ask, fearing that my own kids would beg for one. We, however, found many other ways to spend money thanks to that familiar Disney magic!

Sorry we missed each other. Hubby & I got sick on Wednesday night and were miserable beings until we got to the doctor this morning. Our souvenirs from Disney? He brought home a serious sinus infection and I brought home bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Good times.


Great pic! I am sure the kids enjoyed it though! Can you imagine the profit Disney must make each year!


Can't beat the Darth Maull face with that festive Christmas background.


I'm sorry, it's just that when I think of Disney, the music for "It's a Small World After All" flows through my mind, and I'm a little busy right now, sharpening a stick so I can jam it into my eye and get that DAMN SONG OUT!!!!!

New Diva

But look at the picture, a small fortune well spent I say!

Tired Mama

Hmm. I've always wanted to go to Disney around Christmas time. I like the idea of camping but I think I'll take the hotel room...I want someone else to make my bed for those prices.

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