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December 18, 2008



Look at this way: You're saving the planet by cutting down on all the extras like bows, gift tags and boxes. :-)

Hope you enjoy the season!


When I was a young lad, I remember always being amazed at how good the presents looked under the tree that we had decorated just a few short days before Christmas with mostly home made ornaments and, yes, strung popcorn. As with my childhood, when my sons were still young, little attention was paid to the fancy ribbons and bows, much attention was paid to the contents of said packages. I usually manage to recycle the Sunday Comics to wrap at least one package every year, my little part to help save a tree, and remember how frugal my Mother was. I think tape just gets in the way, I'm a big believer in reusable gift bags and old tissue paper. I'm betting there isn't one of you readers who can tell you what color paper was on the Chatty Kathy Doll or the Red Rider B-B Gun when they opened it. Just keep rollin' 'em up and tossin' 'em under the old tree, it'll all work out on the 25th.


I am with you all the way. Although I never had the pretty wrappings. I still can't wrap worth a darn. I remember one year I used black electrical tape because I couldn't find the scotch tape.

Oh. I did the sharpie thing tonight to, but I didn't bother with writing to or from. But I did use one wrapping paper for each of the families.


You must be a graduate of the Ben Hale school of gift wrapping. He is a big advocate of the sharpie.


I'm with you! Who has time for that?
Merry Christmas!

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