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November 10, 2008



I must admit I didn't come here looking for information on Hef's STD. Who knew?

Glad to hear you're sharing the bloggy wealth, and I'm sorry the Wii time is not going so well, at least for your son....

suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

You would be shocked (or maybe not) at the Google search terms that lead people to my site. Just think about it. The title of my blog contains the term "Farmer's Wife" and I regularly talk about the farmer's daughter. Oh my!!! But here's the very strange part. Everyone of these naughty boy searches.... 100%, EVERYONE comes from the middle east or Indonesia.

-Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


Way back before recorded history, in the days when I was a College student, one of my instructors in Business Administration always said that there is NO such thing as BAD publicity. In light of full disclosure, I must admit, that time and place in my life was before Al Gore invented the Internet. Still, I think it's grand that I can tell everyone what to Google if they want to read the Literary Genius of my Daughter-in-laws' Ravings.


Well, that was quite enlightening about Hef. I was becoming increasingly worried that he'd never suffered from an STD. Whew!
What mother of a son has not been through the taking away of video game/computer privileges. Something, by the way, they never forget!


i'm with sean. no need for us to be cut off from the wii just because our son is being bad.

Rachel Bruner

J...thanks for you time!!! You have been so helpful!!! I really appreciate you adding my team's website to your blog!!!!


I must not be writing racy enough entries or using colorful language because I don't get any strange searches. However, I'm now glad to know where to come when I have inquiries about the questionable sexual pasts of celebrities. Thanks for providing such a valuable service. :-)

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