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November 05, 2008



I completely agree! Did you ever read the blog about the people decorating for Halloween in aug!!! http://melnico.blogspot.com/2008/08/did-i-miss-something.html

Pure craziness I tell ya!!!


we do go to the parade, but christmas decorations do not go up at the house until at least halftime of the cowboys game on thanksgiving day.


I still don't have the Halloween decorations put away and Santa Claus is coming to town? Oh help.


Forget Christmas. The question here: How long will our Obama/Biden signs stay in the yard?



When we were living in the 'transition house' while building our new home, the neighbor there had his Christmas Tree up ALL YEAR !! S.T.G., AND, it had FLASHING COLORED LIGHTS!!!! now, that is Christmas Spirit at it's absolute worst. I'll be holding off on putting out my plastic Baby Jesus surrounded by 3 wise men in red suits with long white beards and a stable full of reindeer munching on cookies in the manger, at least until after Turkey-day. I'm even thinking about taking up deer hunting again, just in case I could get a shot off at Dasher or, better yet Rudolph!!


Yep, I'm with you. But I have started my shopping....


My neighbor has Christmas lights up already. Okay, they were masquerading as "Halloween" lights, but I know the truth. Soon they will be Thanksgiving lights until they officially become Christmas lights. Do I have to look forward to Valentine's Day lights also? Put me in a top hat and call me Scrooge. I'm with you on this...

Marsha Brantley

Hey, imagine my surprise when I clicked on Blogs on Face book and yours was the first one I saw. I gave you the top rating. I couldn't find you on FAcebook. Where are you and we can become friends!
My blog is there now too.


I completely agree with you on this one. I didn't attend the parade either out of sheer principle. And I refuse to take the girls to the mall until after Thanksgiving because it's way too soon to start the Santa talk.

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