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November 24, 2008



the biggest down side I see to this new packaging scheme is no more reason to buy the extra bottle of Grey Goose.


There is ALWAYS an excuse to buy the extra bottle of Grey Goose! Is it Monday?? Grey Goose. Is it Tuesday? Grey Goose. Lent? Grey Goose.

Tired Mama

What the heck is Grey Goose? Okay, more importantly what's its alcohol content?

You HAVE to know that Amazon.ca won't be doing this. Sigh.

Does the toy in the box come assembled though or is it in pieces without the packaging?

I hate Barbie. I do. Just slightly less than Polly Pockets. Sigh. Way too much work.


we had thrown around the idea of getting Aleita a loft bed for Christmas (from Santa, of course.) When I saw the amount of assembly required for most of them, and pictured the look on Chris's face when he realized that he would be up all night putting it together, I think we are going to skip it.

That is, unless Papa Dale would like to volunteer his incredibly gifted talented wonderful amazing skills to helping me on this project :) :) :) :) :) :)

and I have Grey Goose in the freezer!!


This is an answer to holiday prayer! I'm SO going to Amazon right now to do the rest of my shopping. Thanks for the info!


Nope, all your fault. Don't get kids these toys that have to be assembled. We've had only one (our Little Tykes wagon); and luckily, our neighbor (whose house we hid it at) had her son-in-law staying with them (who, incidentally, was the drummer on Bruce Springsteen's album before last, the folk music one) who, out of the goodness of his heart, assembled it for us because my husband was working 12-hour shifts Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that year.

So our kids' Little Tykes wagon (which, incidentally, is 7 years old and still going strong and was the best present ever) was assembled by Bruce Springsteen's Jewish drummer as a Christmas present to us. Got that?

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