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October 09, 2008



I think back on the bright turquoise paint in the kitchen when you were carrying Truman, and it reminds me that these hormonal mood swings are really not all that uncommon, and, probably will pass with time. We were really sweating the SDT test results up here too!! Just remember that Hugh will be pushing 100 before you need to be concerned about the well being of the girls. My guess is the twins will have him bled dry by then, so the only worry you really have is the pole thing.


I can't honestly tell you that I've EVER considered either of these things as goals for either of my daughters but I have to agree they are things I would wish for as well.

Thanks for the smile.


Talk about lowering the bar!


Well SHE kept talking dream wedding and HE kept looking like a deer in the headlights! It was doomed from the start...
But who gets custody of all those animals??


by the time your girls are old enough to go visit Hugh, I think they will be wiping drool from his chin and changing his Depends - - yet no doubt he will never suffer a shortage of young female companionship


Something tells me that the worst you'll have to worry about is the girls visiting Hugh's gravesite. And congrats on no STD's! Woo hoo!

New Diva

I couldn't agree more!

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