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October 16, 2008



a slug is only a snail without a shell, so.... next time, break out the garlic and butter, a little crusty Italian bread, and some wine, VERY HEAVY on the wine, TADA!!!! generic escargot.


One word. Ewwww. If that's really a word.


I am not sure how I would have handled that. I am sure it would have involved a plastic glove and lots of squealing. Glad it is gone.


I know, Julianne, that you've been losing sleep over this one - a slug is not an insect, but a gastropod mollusk.
How brave and courageous you were under the circumstances. I think I may have called 911 over that one!


I'm sorry. So, so sorry...


Um, about a year ago you left a comment on my blog saying that freelance writing was the perfect stay-at-home Mom job. I've always remembered that comment. Today I got my first article published. The amount I'm being paid won't feed my family for more than uh, two hours but it's a start. So, I'm posting here to let everyone know the POWER of comments. I also wanted to say thank-you. So girlfriend, thank-you. You're my inspiration. <3

Maribeth (marnini)

Yuk!(regarding the slug)
I love watching kids play in the rain too. When I was younger my mother would say go out in the rain and wash your hair (and we would, we thought it was the funnest thing)

New Diva

Yuck!!!! Also, I cannot say that I can live in harmony with a cock roach. I guess that means that you are a far better woman than I.


Yuck. I think that discovery would've resulted in a phone call to hubby, begging him to come home.

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