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October 02, 2008



Christian has his first loose tooth that we discovered yesterday. Exciting times!! I'm not sure how much we'll leave.


Setting the bar a little high there, aren't we Madam Fairy? Let's see....what do kids lose? About 20 teeth? Hmm... that comes to roughly $200, oh winged one!

We usually give Maggie 50 cents. You have by far surpassed us....apparently the Tenn. Hales are doin' a little better than the IL Hales :)


Oh, no! Is this what I have to look forward to?! The Tooth Fairy has obviously been severely impacted by inflation over the years...

I was always thrilled with the quarter that I got too! These days, my kids will throw a quarter into a fountain as quickly as a penny...times are a changin'!

At this rate, our grandkids will expect to find Benjamin Franklin under their pillows : )


I've discussed the alarming inflation of lost-tooth compensation here. Wait, this blog won't allow html in the comments. Here's the link:


Our kids get only a quarter.


Are you out of your ever living mind!! Five dollars!! You do know there is no going back now right? Unless maybe you wrote a note from the tooth fairy that explained that he got 5 dollars since it was his first tooth. That might work. My kids get and will always get .50 cents and they love it and get giddy when they find it.
Congrats to Truman for loosing his first tooth! I bet he was excited.
I am going to start pulling my teeth and hope the Hale fairy comes to my house!


Note To Self: Avoid any conversations where Cody and Truman discuss the tooth fairy and her generosity! ;) Cody hasn't lost his 1st tooth yet. CONGRATS to T-Man!! Pics please :)


Note to Aunt Becky;) Oh, the power of a good education, let's see, $5 and 20 teeth, see if Maggie can help you with that math problem... Note to J, generosity is a virtue best not displayed by parents, HOLY CRAP!!!! the kid is never going to get over it. The only thing I can think of to 'Bail' you out is to explain how the economy got this messed up, then tell him he just got his Economic Stimulus Package, and it has to last him until he can come up with about $700 Gazillion dollars to help bail out his Papa Dale's 401K.


ha papa dale! Economic stimulus package :)


I was actually thinking of it like this:

Truman (20 teeth)
Tatum (20 teeth)

= 40 teeth X $5 = $200

I forgot about the player to be named at a later date....so

Truman (20 teeth)
Tatum (20 teeth)
Asyetunknownname (20 teeth)

= 60 teeth X $5 = $300


Wow, your tooth fairy is definitely quite generous! Ashlyn's a while away from losing her first tooth, but I'm thinking she might get a dollar, but only if there's a LOT of screaming and anguish on her part. If it's easy pulling it, then she'll get 50 cents. LOL!


Wow, nice save Becky.


Christian lost his first tooth last Friday while on a field trip!

Tooth fairy brought 2 quarters.

Amy Duke

We also had a visit from the tooth fairy this week. That house-hopping floozy. She handed out a crisp $5 for Eleanor's first dental departure. When she saw the bill she said, "You know she gave Madison $20". I said, "no she didn't, she gave Madison $5 and her Nana slipped in the other $15". Our plan for subsequent losses is $1 each.

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