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September 07, 2008



I hope you're not touching any of that cat litter yourself! That gift wasn't for you, it was for him. He knew that now you're pregnant, he would have litter-box duty.


Oh,I'm laughing. I'm also glad you posted this. I've often looked at these and assumed they didn't work but I did always wonder. You may have just saved me $100. :)


I've never even heard of one of these things - but then I don't have a cat. Maybe take the cat, the litter and the machine that doesn't work back to the store for a demo on how it doesn't do what it's supposed to...?


At least you have the roomba, right?


He gets an "A" for effort. Hope he solves the problem before he loses his mind and his $100 on this lemon.


We have friends who bought the 'clean machine', it worked fairly well, until the motor started to run while one of the cats was 'in process' after that, he refused to use it, and started using the rug at the other end of the room, go figure, Cats are a pain in the litter box.


Your poor hubby! Bless his heart, he tries!

Crazy Momma from Crazy Town, USA

Teehee...I am not laughing at you but with you...and a little at your poor hubby's misery :)

Now, about the huge child in the sink...

A week at camp is DIRTY. And unfortunately, there is only a shower at camp. That big boy can't handle a shower (no matter how I wish he could). He has autism and the noise from a shower So overwhelms him. Besides all that, he is just too darned cute to NOT put in the sink and take pictures :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and sharing in the love!

New Diva on the Blog

LMAO...I think the litter-o-matic is actually spelled H-u-s-b-a-n-d, hey you've gotta milk the pregnancy while you can!


Perhaps your husband will come up with a new, improved version that he can patent and sell and make a small fortune so his efforts will be better appreciated.
PS Did you name your elderly cat after Charles? I think that's a great name for a cat!


Wow, seriously I have had two of these, and I had 4 cats. I notice if we don't put the litter in right, there should be a line, the motor will over work to get the clumps out...and one of mine is like yours I swear he pee's like a man! And it works great! Keeps down the smells in the house too!

Sorry you got a lemon...have him make sure it is not over filled.

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