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September 18, 2008



Maybe you could send her flowers with a nice little thank you note included. :)


woow..i was lived in that house too for 3 days, luckily she never stopped by to the house :))


Tell her that when she turns in the insurance claim, all of you are willing to sign the affidavit that states her home was vandalized by persons unknown, and a minimum of $50,000 in damage was sustained to said premises, it's the least you can do.


Owww. This is the one reason I think I would spend the money and stay in the hotel, I'd be too afraid my kids would trash the place...


Uncle Carni

I can't believe there was snow at the children's museum. I remember it being pretty hot outside. I thought only that big amusement park in Orlando, FL could make snow when it's 90 degrees outside.


Maybe a note with a g.c. for Merry Maids would be a nice gesture?

And I really like your new header and background color. I heart Fall!

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