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August 29, 2008


New Diva

A very small price indeed! I think I missed something...are you preggers?! Congrats, if so!


Wow, so all that stuff I'm saving 'just in case' could be the making of me! Who knew? Being able to see your carpet is overrated anyway :-)


Well both are better than what I discovered about my daughter today. Her destiny is to be a circus freak. If I had to choose I would pick hoarder on the Oprah show!

Bethany Smith

You, my friend, are a genius! I am going to TiVo every Oprah, waiting on your episode!!


Just don't lose the baby in the mess!

And if you haven't already, check out Flylady.net


I saw that woman hoarder on Oprah yesterday. That house was CRAZY. You've got a ways to match her madness, but I have every faith in you that you'll achieve your goal, if you REALLY want to. LOL!


You should be proud of the faith your friends (Angie) place in your ability to achieve your hard to reach goals. Remember, keep Dudley on a leash, and close to the bed, he'll help find the way to the back door so you can get to the little house with the half moon in the door.

Melody from ~Pennies in my Pocket~

Check out FlyLady.net -- She has given me so many tips to help make my clutter go bye-bye. I hate doing house chores, too. HATE. One thing I've become best friends with are those clorox cleaning wipes. She gave me the tip to wipe down the bathroom sink and counter every day or every other day and then I wouldn't have to a big cleaning job once a week. It's the best thing ever. Only takes 1 minute. And yes, I timed it! hahaha


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