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August 18, 2008



It was truly an inspiring effort, however, I must inform you that there is a 24 hour surveillance camera in place in the Cleveland Library,, and the entire staff under the age of 29 is required daily to review the tapes for training purposes, Soooo, Jullie, my Dear, I do believe your cover is blown, the best you can expect from cool hippie chick in the future is a cool "Oh, my, how nice."


Hhhm. I signed out total trash from the library today. We're leaving on vacation and I NEED some beach books. In my defence I have spent the last month reading EVERY FLIPPIN book that Jane Austin wrote. At least I think so. Oh, and send some cool librarians my way, we only have the old ones. Sigh.


We also have ultra cool, hip librarians and volunteers in my local branch (including me on the days when I actually show up). Fortunately for all, we have no COLL at our library.
The best book I read recently was one called, "How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read." I've impressed many people by using the tips in that book, while acting nonchalantly, like one who reads a dozen important books a day and actually understands them.
Oh, and I've never read any Kingsolver books, so you're way ahead of me.


I'm the loser who never visits the library, so I have no experience to relate. I need to get back on the reading bandwagon!


Love this, love this! But alas, our library is small and I know the staff all too well (two of the assistants teach Thing 2's children's choir at church)...in fact, I don't even have to request books anymore...the head librarian (who is one of my best pals and whose son is Thing 1's best friend) called me the day the new Dean Koontz came out and said, "Don't even bother, it's reserved under your name when you have a chance to stop by."

They know I'm totally not cool!


When you live in a small town and everyone knows everyone, it is somewhat embarrassing to have to call the library to renew your book titled, "Are you there vodka, it's me Chelsea" but I did it anyway...


We have the ability to renew books on-line!

I have been taking Little Man to the Library when baby girl is napping. The kids were at the in-laws this past week, so I borrowerd a book for ME to read this time! Yippee!! That was exciting.

Marsha Brantley

Just be glad she didn't have you arrested for the books. Did you hear about the young girl who was picked up and booked for her transgression?

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