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July 08, 2008



Sorry to hear about your canine run-in! It will certainly be a 4th that you'll never forget. And yes, you must obtain a Wii and start practicing for the dark horse victory.


I keep thinking I've got to get downstairs and practice on that thing. I'd be cool if I did well on Guitar Hero right? Please?

Unfortunately it's happening about as fast as I'm getting my basement cleaned up.

Gonna be a short summer.


But first let me say I'm sorry about your injury.
I had my first encounter with Guitar Hero over the fourth - wow it was fun. I had no idea! When you get yours set up let me know and maybe we can host a Guitar Hero Clogging competition. I'll bring the sausage balls!


So glad that you wrote about the dog bite! There was too much humor for it to not be shared in the blogosphere! Wii is at the top of my Christmas wish list. It sounds like the 4th was an awesome time for the Byne/Hale Crowd! Color me green with envy!


Grandma Mary says,"Anything named Dudley, your going to eventually have trouble with." now, what do you suppose she meant by that?

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