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June 30, 2008



I got mine on clearance from Lands End in 2006 for 50 dollars. It's worth every penny; I mean, unless public humiliation turns you on...


The prices aren't even in direct ratio to the amount of fabric, which means big girls whose suits may use extra yardage are the same price as the skinnies made of fabric scraps. Go figure


Take a look at my blog entry from Sunday and you will notice that I am wearing the obligatory Mom Tankini.


I saw that Lands End suit for $90, and I fell in love with it. But the most I've ever paid for a bathing suit was $40, and that was for a maternity suit. I hardly ever have occasion to wear bathing suits, so I can make mine last for years. I loved that maternity suit, but of course it no longer fits, as I am no longer pregnant and have no plans to be.

The really frustrating thing is buying bathing suits for my daughter, who already needs to wear women's sizes, and is still growing. I could maybe justify spending $90 on a suit for me, as I'll probably be wearing it the rest of my life, but she'll probably need a new one next year. At least she swims 100x more often than I do, so she'll wring our money's worth out of it.


Oh my, and I almost had a heart attack at the $30 I paid at Target for my new suit. And I'm mortified to wear it in public. Money well spent! I haven't lost enough weight to move into the tankini category, so it's still skirted frumpy suits for me. Wahoo!


Hey, just 'cause a few posts ago you were into grammer - I think it's Lands' End. Yep, it's a typo but they couldn't afford the reprinting costs years ago when they started so it stuck - annoyingly so. :)


Good catch, Leanne. I looked up Lands' End on wikipedia and dang if you aren't right!! It was a typo just like you said. Very interesting.

Here's the link if anyone is interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lands'_End


I was quite shocked at the price of bathing suits! All people talk about is the escalating price of gas. What about bikinis? Here, in California of course, the price of everything is higher. No longer are bikinis sold together, but the tops and bottoms are sold separately. For a mere $85 EACH! Thank goodness, I bought when they were still sold as a set.

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