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June 16, 2008



I'm loving this trend! You go ahead with your bad self! If only we all looked like Margaret...homegirl can wear a hat, and wear it well! Let's beat her up next time we see her ;-)~


I don't look good in ANY kind of hat either. I'm still trying to grow my hair long for the ponytail, for the ball cap or the bike helmet.


Oh great...now when we take walks we can be 100% assured that a busload of middle schoolers will yell, "Hey lesbians!", out the windows.


I'm laughing at the lesbian comment.

BUT I'm with you on the hats. There's a new 'Life is Good' shop in my little town that just opened up. I'll go and get a hat then stick my thin, scrawny pony tail through the back and send you a pic. :) No short shorts though. That would just be scary.


Hats are good. They serve a purpose. Unfortunately too many young people today don't seem to know what that purpose is.
With ballcaps, the bill goes to your front, so to shade your face and eyes. They are not intended to shade the back of your neck!
Skin cancer is a bad thing. It is becoming more and more common. I have it on my face. Years ago doctors told me that whenever I go outside I must wear a hat to shade my face. I do.


My husband tried to start a trend a while back with Boy Scout patches on hats. It didn't go so well, and not just because the Boy Scouts kind of don't like their patches to be worn anywhere but on the Boy Scout official sashes.

Good luck!


caps on chicks are hot!!!!


I have been rockin' a bitchin' garden hat of late while I am working out in the yard because of the big increase I am seeing in sun spots on my face. I am the envy of all the neighborhood, let me tell you.


I love hats, been wearing hats a lot. I like the boys to have hats on during the hot times while outside. They have 2 matching ones from Gymboree that even match their little dock shoes. They even have matching outfits, the shorts match the plaid too. LOL We haven't worn the WHOLE outfit yet, but need too. The shoes kill their little heels though. My hubby wears hats too. Since I have gotten my hair cut short, I have to tuck the wings end on the sides and they like to pop out some, so annoying. But, hats are good! YOU GO GIRL!

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