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June 26, 2008



Sounds like you've got an authentic showman on your hands! Good luck with that Vegas career! :-)


I'm laughing. This is why we blog, to remember these moments forever. Oh, and to avoid having to do housework.


He's so adorable and brilliant! :D Good thing you've blogged this, what a great way to store memories here and tell this to him when he's 16!


How sweet! He's too young to think about making his parents disappear.:D So cherish these moments.

Jennifer Niesslein

If Siegfried and Roy could do this, they wouldn't need the sequins!


Fantastic!!!! Tell T I can't wait to see his magic show!!!


Wow! I'm really impressed too! I pretty well knew we had 5 full fledged GENIUSES in the family, but, now , to discover there is real talent, my cup, it rune th over!!


I love kids' imaginations. Ask him if he's doing a show in New Orleans any time soon.

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