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January 11, 2008



The games we play with/for our kids... :)


It's nice to know that grandparents aren't the only ones who will do things for their babies that they would not even think of doing in the course of a normal day, and, yes, we do remember the 10 hour drive back to your house after Thanksgiving, now, let me tell ya', you can play a LOT of games in 10 hours!!!!


When you get home, play the game "go get mommy a glass of red wine"


I'm with Becky. You're way too nice.

But I must admit my fav. part of the day is when I pick up my kids after school and they fight over who gets to tell me about their school day first. Love it.

Games with them? Not so much. We have a rule too, unless the drive is over an hour no DVD. Seems to work...

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