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December 05, 2007



When I saw the Baby Jesus doing the high dive off the 100 foot waterfall, I had to agree with Truman, he likes it!! I did, however, take issue his needing rescued from the water by a vintage Wright Brothers' Airplane, wasted effort, he could have walked out.


Great imagination!

Riley's all about mixing and matching our Nativity sets. Little People with ceramic versions and Santa and Mrs. Claus thrown in for good measure. She also loves to give 'em all a ride in her Fisher-Price bug. :-)

By the way, I love the new layout and design.

I guess boys will be boys, even if they are Divine?

New Diva on the Blog

LOL. Boys will be boys, but such cute memories, and maybe a little ammo for when he is dating.

Love your festive new look!


Since I have two boys, I used to hide the baby Jesus from our manger scene and bring him out on Christmas day. That way I avoided random kidnappings and mayhem.

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