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December 12, 2007



To me, it sounds like the mom is the one who's trained. After all, a 4-month-old can't sit himself on the potty, now can he? :-)


Remember, in Africa, most 'grazing' mammals are born with the ability to run with their mothers within hours, if not minutes of the time they pop out, it cuts down on interference from lions, leopards, etc. Sooo... it stands to reason that it's an inborn trait, ya gotta learn fast to survive, anit ya glad ya got inlaws like me to esplane this stuf to ya??



I agree. I'd rather focus on my baby's developmental milestones and beautiful face instead of her digestive activity!


Good point, Papa Dale. Maybe it;s a survival thing. That doesn't explain the phenomenon here where the only lions and tigers are at the zoo.


Wow. I have a subscription to Brain Child. I think I'd better get it out of the envelope and read the darn thing. Better then doing battle at the mall for diapers. :)

Moving Mama

Crazies. All of them. I lump them in the same category as people that have never feed their children the nuggets of joy and carry around that Mothering bible.

PS/ I'm allowed to say this because I had a homebirth - that trumps everything, right?

New Diva on the Blog

PULEEEZE, I am so proud of my disposable diaper carbon footprint I can hardly stand it!


I remember reading about this in the New York Times a couple of years ago and commenting on it here:

I'm surprised to see that the idea still has such currency.

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