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November 02, 2007



I love moments like this! So sweet.

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You have a wonderful way of sharing some of your most precious moments, and, we, who know and love you, thank you for it. I have a confession, I've always been a total sucker for brown eyed girls, First, there was Grandma Mary, then Maggie, followed by Aleita, then Tatum, now, with Kaylin, I've found blue eyed girls can rock my world too!!


Ahhh. Thank goodness for moments like this. It is these times that make all the moments they drive us INSANE (or is that just me they do this too?) manageable.

Grandma and  Pop Pop

How precious! I love my pretty brown-eyed girls

New Diva on the Blog

Moments like these make it all worth it! Heart melting ahead!


Aww! Tater-Pie is soo sweet! Cody the other morning told me" Mommy, I love it when you smile at me, because you have a beautiful smile". Girl! Don't you know my head swelled like a watermelon, and I wanted to just hug him so tight, and cry..all at once! lol! Children are such blessings! I love being a Mommy!


What a precious moment! You should write all those down. Often the little moments are the most extraordinary.


You should definitely write down this lovely moment. I did with my kids and now when they get on my nerves (as teens do), I whip out my journal and remember what wonderful children I have living beneath the teenage surface.

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