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October 26, 2007



Let's hope the real armed robber gets caught soon for the sake of your son (and you), and all the women walkers of the world.


It's good that he has learned to be suspicious of women on the street at an early age, to para-phrase one of your previous blogs, nothing good can come of talking to a street walker. We received the 'no news' lecture from Uncle Chris when he grew tired of trying to have all the answers for Maggie Mae. All of the Hale kids seem to have an ability to listen most when they shouldn't be, and listen least when they should. (Come to think of it, their Daddies were all that way too!!)


I hate when that happens. We don't watch the news around here either but we do discuss a lot of news. but stuff like robberies and other crimes just seems to give kids a warped perspective of the actual danger that they're in, so we avoid that.

Moving Mama

Ah - seems you have a future police officer on your hands - maybe that woman he saw was the fugitive!!! Who knows??? Are we talking reward?

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