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October 10, 2007



After reading the meme about your frugal shopping habits, it becomes apparent that an expressive amount of your husband has rubbed off on you in the last 10+ years. With the garage sale-ing, and consignment store trips, you have graduated to a level of Halemanship that has been afore, been attained by few other than the core of the Hale clan. Now, if we can start decorating the house with used furniture and shabby-sheek antiques, you truly will be one of ours. Welcome, Oh learned One, to the enlightened side. If only we could get you to eat sole food.


Thank you for clarifying exactly what a meme is for those of us too lazy to look it up ourselves. Since I'm just recovering from a recent meme on my blog, I hope you don't mind if I do a quick summary right here: I too had a Polo shirt fetish when my sons were younger that has morphed into a Lacoste one now (from ponies to alligators, always on sale!) Like you, I can't survive without my food processors (mini and maxi), and make a huge effort to buy American. I am most proud of, enjoy most and most tempted by anything with that ubiquitous "on sale" tag!


This is a bit of subject, but what I was thinking about as I was watching Grey's, but I think I am going to start taking a post it note pad and a sharpie grocery shopping. Well, anywhere and start making comments. Like in the for instance Frosted Wheats by Kelloggs, I would put a note saying contains HFCS and Lays chips I would say contains, MSG.

I would also put notes about say, are we going to continue to let the government lie- let the companies lie to us!! How much is enough!!!!

My mom called me today, she was shopping w/ my oldest for jeans and a coat. She made the comment, oh this one is made in China, I didn't really think about that much b/f, but now- well, I am returning it. I don't trust it!!!!
Ok, sorry for the tangents.

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