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August 27, 2007



Did you know that small amounts can be consumed over long periods before becoming fatal? That reminds me, I've got to run down to Sullivan to see the eldest Hale, and help him cook up Dollie's food for the week. She's into boiled hamburger with rice, just a dash of salt, and no pepper. Want me to check on a discount price for one of those anti-bark collars? I wonder what would happen if Dollie got to take her bath, and forgot to pull the collar off? hummmm....


That is so funny! But you know I guess once your kids grow up and move away, you have to fill that "void", and hey like you said, it makes your grandmother happy! I'm sure we'll all have our fair share of void filling to do ;)



Totally agree. I don't begrudge their love for that dog. I understand that life can get lonely when your health confines you to your house and that Happy provides them with much-needed companionship. I just don't share their sentiment.


Papa Dale-

What is it with the 80 and up demographic and their designer dog food? Dogs have been surviving for years on Purina.


We could send Dempsey to visit your grandparents, and then he could just EAT Happy.


J- I totally agree with you. I don't share the same sentiment either. I can soo picture my MIL doing that now! ha!


I have two dogs who eat dog food that I buy from Costco. However, my mother-in-law brings them food weekly that she cooks herself, carefully chops up and labels, lest we give the wrong canine the wrong gourmet meal. It makes my dogs happy, me happy, and my mother-in-law feel like she's performing a useful task. No complaints here!


I don't even know what to say....but it is VERY funny!

my minivan is faster than yours

My cats eat Friskies. Not even Iams. I am a bad, bad mother!

You, however, are quite witty!


Sounds like Happy is a grouchy old hot dog ;) I wish I had someone to make my dinner...



Great idea. What a perfect solution!



At least your MIL is doing it because she wants to and not because she's your paid health care provider.

My poor cats eat generic Wal-Mart food. It's Special Kitty for us all the way!



Thanks! Always good to hear.


My Minivan...

My cats eat Special Kitty. You're a better cat mom than me!



No kidding. He eats better than my kids do some nights!

Jenny from Chicago

Whispered under your breath. Love it. Love this blog. Hate Happy for you.

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