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March 19, 2007



Another Porter's Salve testimonial: I, along with every family member and friend I have, tried for two days to remove a splinter deeply lodged in Katherine's finger. Finally, I decided to try a little homegrown remedy and apply a little drawing salve (and Julianne is right, you must pronounce this "draugh'n" using your best Southern English). Anyway, 24 hours later, I pulled off the bandaid, and the pesky splinter had been "drawn" right to the surface where I plucked it out in half a second with my fingernail! Amazing stuff!! A must for every medicine cabinet!!


Oh, and Julianne, just for kicks I'll review my DVR'd episodes of Hee Haw to see if Porter's Salve is advertised.


Porter's Salve?? YOU BET!!! I don't know why you acted with such shock when the stuff worked, why, I remember the time when my daddy cut his hand offt within the choppin' axe, he just stuck that stub down in the barrel of coal oil to wash er off, then my grannie grabbed some clean rags and a can of Porters' Salve, coated the arm with the salve, wrapped er up an, shor nuff, come mornin' he'd growd his self a brand new hand, and thisin only had 5 fingers!!! Ya kan't get the stuff up North, so we has ta have hours smuggled in across the border when we run low.


Hmm. Many comments come to mind, I'll just share a few!

1. Does this drawin salve work for bikini line hairs?

And, 2. I gotta meet this Papadale.

And, 3. One other splinter tidbit I've heard but have yet to try: If a little bit of the splinter is sticking out, you can use tape rather than tweezers, supposedly, to git it!



I knew I could count on you for some recorded Hee Haw episodes. I'm having flashbacks from New Year's Eve. There's only so much overalls and hay a girl (well, most girls) can take!


Papa Dale-

Oh, I've heard the stories. I know that Grandpa would use Porter's Salve to grow a finger if the need should arise.

We need to start a South-North Porter's Salve trade. There's bound to be a market for the stuff!


Hmmm... Spaz. I'm pretty sure that Porter's Salve does not draw out things that are SUPPOSED to be there, i. e. bikini hairs. So sorry to dissappoint.

Kari Vivoda

Yep, I too can attest to the fact that Porter's Salve works wonders. I am 48 years old and have had a can of Porter's in the cupboard all of my life and still do to this day. I was raised using it and my kids were raised with it and I would imagine that when my daughter announces she is expecting, it will be one of the first things I supply her with. But when I was a very young girl I can remember my brother "wiped out" on his bike and got gravel lodged in his leg. My mom was not one to run us right off to the doctor's office so she took an old sheet and slathered it with Porter's and placed it on my brother's leg. In the morning we peeled it off with amazement every pebble was pulled right out of the wound and it healed up wonderfully from there. Great to know other's share the same love for the stuff that we do. Love'd reading the comments.


I grew up in the South with Parents from New Jersey, and EVERYONE in the family used Porter's Salve to cure any 'boo-boo' we inflicted upon our selves. I'm sure they even used it on my dad when my uncle flipped the tractor onto his leg whilst goofing off on the farm--in Jersey. Who said country was just southern? :)

N Alexander

I grew up near where it is made, which is the city it originally came from, so I grew up around it. Nobody talks about it, but its always been there. No one knows where to get it, but they have stockpiles of it.

But a funny story, I was in Ann Arbor, 3~4 hours north of where this stuff comes from (here it is known as 'stinky salve' for a reason) and I was in like at a cookie store in the mall. Suddenly, I smell something, and a few whiffs and the lady with this guy in front of me turns and looks at me, then her guy, and says "See, he can smell it too! That is horrible stuff!" and before she really could finish berating her guy, I spoke up with "How the hell did you find Porters this far North?" and the lady was in shock that I knew exactly what it was, and the guy got to mock her.


My husband uses it for chapped lips! Hence the name, Bandaid Man! It smells like bandaids. How romantic, when he applies this at bedtime. Did I mention it is thick and white?!

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