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February 23, 2007


papa dale

O.K., I admit, he gets it from his Daddy, and, truly, I'm sorry, who would have thought he would be paying attention when I was dumpster diving to get neat stuff for Grandma Mary?? Good thing you guys got rid of the dog when you did, he won't be quite so crowded in his new digs that way. Thoughtful is probablly not in his vocabulary, cheep, however, is and has been for some time. I'm sure the boy means well, maybe you need to tell his Mama on him!!


Wow Julianne, that sucks. I thought my hubby was pretty worthless when it came to birthdays until I read about your woes. Just to add fuel to your fire, here's a tidbit. In the paper today was an article about how the "Purple Lady" and her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend. She mentioned that her hubby has brought her a rose every weekend since they got married. Can you imagine what he does for her birthday?!?! Maybe there's still hope to train the ones we've got. Good luck!


Papa Dale-

You don't need to be sorry. His thriftiness balances out my spending habits quite well. Thrifty is fine. Thoughtlessness and the lack of involvement of the children. That's what had my panties in a twist. He understands that and, trust me, he has remorse. I'm slowly but surely recovering as well. He made progress on his way to the main house last night. He filled in one pothole and managed to set off but avoid one of my many strategically placed booby traps.



Curse that purple lady and her thoughtful, romantic husband!


I like the new look of the website, Jules! So, I've got a couple of ideas of what to do with that cabinet. Here's just one - grab his long Christmas stocking out of the attic and create a little campfire out of the wood from the cabinet. Stand back and make a s'more.

I've been agonizing myself over what to get you for your birthday. Late I know, but I am thinking-definitely putting lots of thought into it. I had it narrowed down to two things and actually considered calling the dog-house dweller for his insight. I guess I'll go to plan B. Can I have Jacqueline's (sp) phone number?? Feeling tons of guilt now that your Birthday wasn't the happiest day this year...

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