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February 09, 2007


papa dale

"Good luck with that!" comes to mind, sounds as if, at least, you guys have a plan, keep us posted on this one.


7:55PM Update:

Truman has in fact run into a piece of furniture in my foyer. And I did comfort him with great enthusiasm. He even let me cuddle him a bit. :)

He also refused to eat the pizza that we served stating that he only liked "Bug Pizza". I asked him if he would like for me to go out into the yard and dig up some bugs for him. When he declined, I said, "OK then, well get busy ...you owe me two bites." He took two teenie tiny bites and I gave him a fruit rollup. Not sure if I scored any points there, but I did feel very proud that I could get him to take his mandatory two bites.


10:05PM Update:

Kids are asleep and I even got a good-night hug from T. That's progress for sure.

Earlier in the evening I jokingly told the kids that we might just have Truman come live with us. My daughter, Katherine, asked, "Well, where would we all sleep?" So I said, "Well, I guess we would have to get rid of either you or Patrick." Without missing a beat she said, "CAN I GO LIVE WITH NANNY??"

Perhaps I should work on a little bonding with my own children?!?!?

Grandma and "Pop Pop"

Wow, two bites AND a hug. You are sure to earn the title of "Auntie Jacquelyn" very soon.
Thanks for the progress notes. I think that "Bonding Camp" is a wonderful idea. Sounds like your plan is getting results.
Anxious to read the morning update.



Thanks so much for your hard work with my son. You would have clearly made an outstanding camp counselor. Forget about technology. There's a future for you in camps!


Well, he didn't profess his undying love for you upon returning home, Jacquelyn, but he did say he had a ton of fun and he DID let you cut his nails. Major progress. We're coming along!

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