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January 26, 2007


papa dale

to bad you guys lived in Jacksonville when he found the toilet, I'm sure I would have been able to find a place for it, as long as Grandma Mary didn't find out where it was from. Why is it, women find antiques (another word for old, used stuff) so appealing and shy away from the money saving stuff that can be recycled? I'm siding with #2 on this one, after all, he had a lot of childhood experiences with recycling around the house, and comes from a long line of junk dealers. Besides, if the toilet is plumbed right, what ever has been on or in it will go away soon anyway.


Papa Dale-

I wonder where he gets his finding-treasures-in-other-people's-trash syndrome.

You make quite a poetic case for used toilets. Perhaps you'll find some converts!

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