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December 22, 2006



I wish I was done with all that crap. I should of done it on Wednesday and Thursday. But like everyone else in Colorado I was stuck at my house. So today like a mad woman, I was running around town getting this and that. And thank God I read this today, because I totally forgot to get the booze, and as much as I love my family, I love them even more a bit tipsy! Good luck with every thing and have a Merry Christmas!



I was thinking about you after I saw those pictures of Hailey in the snow. What a storm. I didn't think there was a chance you'd be shopping at this point.

No problem on the booze reminder. I'm here to serve :)


Oh, I'm a trooper. I will not be considered a last minute shopper!! You can ask Carni on how much I hate to be late on anything!

papa dale

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, I plan on waiting until noon Sunday to start my shopping, that way I have a good 6 hours to shop , and I get to take advantage of all those last minute bargains. Just last year, I got a package of tube socks, a bottle of JADE EAST perfume, AND, a fruit cake ALL for less than $10. Good deal, huh? Christmas Morning, Grandma Mary was sooooo proud of me she was just totally speechless, as a matter of fact, she was so awe-struck with my shopping ability, she didn't say a word all day

Aunt Becky

It is 5:45PM, and I have been baking Christmas cookies for the past 7 hours (added to the 3 hours I spent doing it yesterday.) This year, the Hale Bakery is featuring oatmeal cookies, iced sugar cookies, spritz cookies, Russian tea cakes, and chocolate wreaths dipped in white chocolate and crushed peppermint candies. I also made two batches of muffins - chocolate chip and cinnamon streusal - for our Sunday school class tomorrow. I am now getting ready to take a hot shower and have a glass of good red wine.

I am not complaining though. . .baking cookies and such is actually one thing that I still really enjoy about Christmas. Chris was home today and kept the kids corraled for the most part while I baked (and Aleita took a three hour nap this afternoon, which helped as well.) I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls too . . .but I don't think that is happenin' anytime today :)

Chris is on vacation (as am I) all next week . . and we are looking forward to a long week of doing nothing! We are going to try to give the house a good (overdue) thorough cleaning, but that is about it. Last night after the kids went to bed, we watched two movies and laid on the couch. It was absolutely delightful!!!

Hope you and Sean and the kiddos have a nice Christmas. Aleita is still terrified of Santa and counting on Grandma to come through with the presents....hope she doesn't let her down!

Take care - we'll miss you at the Hale hoe-down on Christmas! (and there WILL be wine. . .I have already seen to that!)


Papa Dale-

You sound as if you put as much thought into your gifts as my dear husband :) What is it with the Hales and their penchant for last minute shopping? I always remember your youngest child hitting wal-mart at midnight on Christmas eve. Nuts!

We'll miss you and hope you and the rest of the bunch have a fabulous holiday!


Aunt Becky-

Wow. Now I really want to come to the Hale family Christmas. Between you and Stacie, there are enough baked goods to feed an army.

Have fun baking. We'll miss you! Kiss the girls for us.


papa dale you have me laughing out load!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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