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September 14, 2009



I really appreciate you Buffy and is it wrong to be envious? I'm in the middle of my bored out of my mind trying to constantly entertain my 2 and 3 year old children stay-at-home mom stint. If only the large glass of cabernet and nap combo could work for me now!


I'll join you for that glass of Cabernet and raise you a shot of tequila. I swear, I just THOUGHT that summer was busy. I'm only on week 5 of the "back to school" schedule and I'm already waving the white flag. How can I possibly survive another 8.5 months of this?! Back to the salt mines...


You're guilting me into volunteering for something at my kid's school... I'm proud of you for being a "yes" mom!

You should've had twin babies, Jules, they're the perfect excuse to get out of everything! No one even asks me for volunteerism, ever since the twins came along! And on the rare occasion someone calls me to ask me to bake a pie or whatever for some bake sale fundraiser, I just ask, "Oh, didn't you know? I'm the mom with twins!" And, they apologize immediately for even considering me.

Add some twins to your family mix. It's really the easy answer to your dilemma! (And, yes, I will come visit you in the insane asylum... for my room will be right next door!) Love, Your Cuz


Hmmm. I'm doing the same over here. Do the Cab and the nap and uh, try and enjoy the moments, they'll all be teens who totally ignore you and dont want you at school far far too soon. I got one there and one close behind. Sigh.


WINE AND A NAP!!! :) Enjoyed reading through some of your blogs.

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