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December 26, 2008



My mind rushes back about 6 years, and is flooded with bountiful waves of turquoise paint, matched to white cabinets and red brick flooring. 'Tis the Season for glorious celebration, rejoice, for soon you will again experience the miracle of birth, all will again be right with the world, and we, that know and love you most, will have to return to having to search for reasons to poke fun at you!! (by the way, we didn't even notice the Halloween theme until you pointed it out to us, we were to busy admiring the beautiful Grandkids.)

jessica bern

It looks fine. Where is there any sign of Halloween? I swear I would tell you. Although I have to say you and both know that after the first one, all decision making abilities are compromised no matter if we do it again or not.

Tired Mama

Um, do you want to know that the brain fades get worse after she's born? Oh, and she's a female and a third, with a GREAT name btw, which means she will be outgoing, charming and a total actress from day one. Oh, and I'm sure the card is great...like the picture you posted here. Merry belated Christmas!


I can't believe you didn't post it for all of us to see. You're so mean!


So you were a little rebellious this year...you can always go boring traditional again next year.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and very best wishes for a Happy New Year!
PS Did you pick Harper's name as a tribute to my fav author, Harper Lee? That's my dream - to be a one book wonder and retire as a legend...


you could have used this one, but the dog is not in it and you did say that was a requirement.


In the photo you posted here, T-man seems to be looking at Santa as if to say, "The conversation we are having is interesting, but your breath smells kinda bad, big guy."

Betsy Kay

Yes, this photo would have been great, but yours will certainly stand out in a crowd! :)
Happy New Year!

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