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June 04, 2008



At Christian's Montessori school, they learned it in Spanish... Maybe you could print out the Spanish version (or other language of choice) and learn it together.


Truman continues to crack me up, you need to document his activity in case he ever thinks of going into politics. Now, when YOU decide to do the little dance, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get me a tape of the act, I promise to never ever us it in vain, or chuckle when I play it, I'd like to have it on tape, you know, for sentimental reasons, I am, after all, quite patriotic, and would not even think about you tube, or the Family and Friends private network.


Rachel loves the dollar spot at Target.


Please, please please bring your clogs to Destin...


Our own little family patriot, how sweet!


You (and Truman) CRACK ME UP!

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