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June 18, 2008



It's a dog's life, eh?


For heaven's sake, why couldn't just one, just one, freakin' celeb keep this from going to the dogs.

A perfect solution. Well known writer, with anothergrayhair, sniff out that celeb and scoop ET and Inside Edition.


When I first learned that I shared a Birthday with George W., I went into a deep, deep depression,it took nearly 2 full six packs of Rolling Rock, applied daily over a three week period, to bring me through this devastation, Now, you find that you share a trait with his Mom's dog, I find this totally shocking, maybe I can get Grandma Mary to make a trip to the Liquor Drive-up for me. Seriously, it is somewhat strange that the Paparazzi has not outed at least a few celebrates, after all, I remember the press doing several stories about Sox and Buddy.



Well I guess it's good that you've got SOME tie. I think.

Actually, maybe none would be better after all.

I'm gonna research this and get back to you.

I got nothing funny here. Nothing.


I went and googled and found out that
Michael Jackson has lupus!

Stick with Millie!!!


I have to agree - - between Millie and M. Jackson, I would take the dog.

New Diva

Absolutely stick with Millie! Keep sniffing around, this may be your big break yet...the uncovering of Lupus in Hollywood.

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