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May 06, 2008



3 and 4 year-old birthdays are the best. Everything makes them happy, you don't need to spend more than 10 bucks on presents, and the pictures always come out great.


Yep, welcome to the 'where the heck did the time go?' club. It's so sad. My advice? Take lots of pictures.

Oh, and everyone tells you how bad it is when they get older and become teens? Well, they drive me crazy at times, but so far it's okay. Fingers crossed.


Ok, I don't know if I'm just over sensitive tonight, but that brought tears to my eyes. Tater-Pie is so sweet! I love her! I still can't believe she is 3!! She was like 7 months old not too long ago!! Time really does fly by!


Welcome, dear child to the real world of parenting, by the way, day after tomorrow, you should receive your invitation to join A.A.R.P. then, the senior discounts start, keep your eyes open, for, these ARE your 'Good Old Days'. Yes, we're old, been there, done that, wore out the 'T' shirt, and treasure all the memories more than can be expressed in a blogsters' reply. Sure do wish Grandma Mary and I could have been there for the party, maybe next year, kiss the babies for us, and throw in a couple of hugs for mom and dad too!!!!


Happy Birthday to Tater! I know she and Truman both will have changed so much by the next time we see them...


awwww, sweet.

And one morning you wake up and they're in the neighborhood of thirty and you wonder why they're still living in your house. *grins*

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