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April 16, 2008



I took my kids to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge a few summers ago - we loved it, too!


Pigeon Forge sounds like a great place to people watch. Though given our Yankee status, I'm sure we'd be the ones being gawked at!


You forgot tattoo shops, ceramic yard ornaments, wooden bears carved out of trees, and windchime stores. All in all it's still a great place to have fun with the kids.


If I had known the otter meant that much to you, I would have complemented you more graciously about your discovery, however, I must inform all your readers, when you saw the beast, we had just re-entered the car after a 15 mile, trek, up hill both ways, during which I unselfishly packed BOTH your kids simultaneously on my shoulders for the entire distance, and, what kind of mushrooms were those that you found?


Sounds like a marvelous vacation!
By the way, as soon as you're ready to provide a home for an illegally domesticated otter, I know where you can get them dirt cheap: out of the trunk of a '62 Chevy in the east side of any Los Angeles 'hood. Bring cash.


Vacation, I forget what one of those feel like.

I hope you have fun


Also a cesspool of miniature golf courses, go-cart parks, pancake restaurants, etc. etc. etc...we just got back from a weekend trip there ourselves! LOL

(Next time you go, make sure to check out The Alamo restaurant - it's a bit pricey - $138 for four of us - but absolutely fantastic!!!) And I love your Dolly-in-da-hood! A classic!


Since I moved to the great state of TN I have spent way too much time/money in the Great Smoky Mtns!!! And I still won't go on rides. I keep saying next ime, but then I chicken out. Maybe next pay check, I mean next time

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