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March 07, 2008


Jennifer Niesslein

Poor lady!

But now I can't get out of my head the part where the baritone singer comes in "Oh, Vomit Days."


Hope y'all are better soon! Our place has been a sick house for the last two weeks. Spring, where are you? Sunshine, I beg you to stay!



OK that's it, the farm visit is definitely off. Can't have your little critters passing bugs to my big critters.


Heal quickly, we've had our share up here, and don't really care for any more, thank you, G.B. and love to all, sorry we can't do more.

Lisa Bakewell

Sorry to hear that you were sick too! My son and I were sick from Saturday night to Wednesday. This is one terrible flu bug! Don't remember being so sick, so I can surely empathize!



I hope you're all better very soon. I'm sure you'll be singing a different (more uplifting) tune soon!


Everyone is getting this thing. It's only a matter of time, I guess...

You certainly have my sympathies.

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