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February 20, 2008



On the serious side, I've dealt with the nicotine addiction, didn't work out well for me, just don't go there, As for your unfounded fear of Dr. Phil, if you do cave and spill your guts to him, try to tell a dull story, or you'll be all over the National Enquirer too!! Now, if your lookin' for help, I used to hang with some guys that would drink two 6-packs before bed, we always slept well, and usually overslept which might have something to do with being unemployed...I digress, anyway, it seemed to work ok, and if you poor beer on your corn flakes in the A.M., it cuts the hang-over time down, also, people at the weekly meetings don't criticize like the good Dr.


Look ... you do what you gotta do to be the best you that you can be. Hang in there and stay away from Phil! :-)


If it means anything at all, I never liked Dr. Phil, that fake know-it-all. And I felt this on a conscious level.
On a serious side, if you had it under control before, you can undoubtedly do it again. I have a friend who had lupus (note the past tense). She says with a few dietary changes and relaxation, the lupus has left her, and she is now fine. Best wishes to you!


Isn't there some milder drug you can use, to sort of step down usage gradually? What a nightmare. It happens to the best of us, though.

New Diva on the Blog

Actually after my insomnia last night, Ambien sounds perfect!

Your little one looks adorable both ways...the new cut is very cute!


1. I love the cut, but you're right she looks so so so much older. Kinda breaks your heart that time goes so fast.

2. I think I could get hooked on Tylenol PM. I don't even know what to suggest, as gawd knows we need our sleep.

3. Big hate on over here for Oprah and Dr. Phil too, I'll have to blog about that one day. It started with one show... I know, I have issues.

4. I like the idea of drinking and passing out. What does that say about me?

5. Love the picture, with the pup. I 'm thinking about caving and getting one too? Bad idea eh?

6. All caught up! Stay sane!!



7. Love the new 'look'. I picked one too, but we don't match any more. Sad that. :)

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