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January 09, 2008



Must have been the cutest little diva you've ever seen!
I'm afraid I was the last parent to arrive on a couple of humiliating occasions. My kids still don't let me forget it.


Diva's are good. Diva's grow up to be strong independent women. I hope.

I feel asleep once when my oldest was in Kindergarten and I had just had her baby sister. My middle son's pre-school teacher called and woke me up. Now, that was embarrassing. And yep, both my kids were the LAST one's picked up that day.


I came sliding in the door at daycare once to pick up Maggie about 3 seconds before the daycare closed. I had had a doctor's appt., then went to get groceries and got stuck in the longest checkout lanes ever. The daycare teacher had her coat on and purse in hand, and all the lights were out except for the front hall. Maggie looked at me pitifully and said, "I thought you forgot me. . "

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