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December 03, 2007



EIGHT pounds!!!! WOW!!!! That's almost more candy than Halloween.

Use those gym passes. Can you imagine that if all of those passes were used, how much they would lose? They are banking on them not being cashed in.


Cleveland, Tennessee has the largest Christmas Parade I've ever seen, bar none, and, I'll vouch for the amount of candy, as a matter of fact, the bags didn't get weighed until after Grandma Mary and Myself had already had our fill, O.K. it might have been wrong, but it was cold, and the parade route was dark where we were sitting. They'll never miss it, and I had already ran out of Peppermint Schnapps,so...


Lol. Eight pounds! What does that translate to in 'fat' pounds? About eightteen I bet. I'm coming to YOUR town for the Santa Claus parade next year, at our parade we only got a cheap t-shirt and a coupon...not even a candy cane. :(


Oh, I like the Christmas look of your blog! Very festive! "Preschool crack"? What a perfect definition!

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