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November 14, 2007



Poor T! I'm sorry! I hate when kids are mean! Go ahead with your black belt butt kickin self! ;)


You are in good company because I am one of "those" moms also. There's nothing like having to reprimand someone else's 3 yr old for pushing my 19 month old around on the slide! I do try to give the mom a snarky stare across the room, but she's usually too busy socializing to be bothered with what her kid is up to. So annoying.


Momma Bear needs sharp teeth and long claws when defending Baby Bear. That said, family martial arts classes are not out of the question. Also, mace comes in a nice, small spritzer now, that resembles breath spray. Give the little red-neck meat-head a couple of shots in the eyes, and you'll at least have time to get back to the mini-van, roll up the windows, and lock the doors.


I'm hard pressed not to absolutely love any blog entry that makes use of the word "spazmatron".


Been there done that. I've whispered complex threats into the ears of three-year-olds, practicing my vocabulary skills while knowing that my tone of voice will make the impression I need. And I enrolled both sons in Tae Kwon Do. They got their black belts and pushing around became a thing of the past.


Hmmm. I just teach mine to scream and retreat. We are wimps up here...until you give us hockey sticks!!! :)


I always wonder what the "Proper" protocol is in these situations. Do we teach our kids to fight back or do we keep saying to them "keep your hands to yourself and tell mommy".

I know a friend of mine her son kept getting bit at daycare. She started teaching him to bite back, but is that right? The daycare apparently had been working w/ the parents, but never took the child out. My friend ended up finding another daycare. I was surprised that they didn't move "The biter".

Recently one mom was saying her mom taught her to run away and not confront the situation, she said that wasn't how she is teaching her kids. She is teaching them to fight.
So what is the best way to handle these situations.

It is awkward to discipline someone else child, when the parent is no where in sight for sure!!
Go J-


This is my white whale of parenting. I feel you!

New Diva on the Blog

I think we have all been that mom. Especially since in my experience there are far too many moms that are content to have you become the watcher of their children at the park, pool, etc. I think you stand a better shot with the kid.

btw--contest going on at http://sayanything.typepad.com until Friday!


I have no problem with bossing little kids around - I am the adult, you know. If I'm the only adult right there, then I am in charge. If the mom wants to come over and take charge, great. No big deal. And I don't mind someone else correcting my child, if I'm missing some bad behavior. I like to socialize at playgrounds myself, and I don't always know exactly what my kids are doing. That's not necessarily neglectful - just human.



Me too. The only thing worse than your kid falling victim to a meanie is when your kid actually IS the meanie!



Snarky stare--excellent idea!


Mace, papa Dale? Really?



Is there really a better description of my eldest son?


So, you would recommend Tae Kwon Do Keli? What about the whole spazmatron issue? Do you think my son could overcome it with the right teacher?



Scream and retreat. I love it.



I don't think I'd support the "bite back" philosophy but I'm not sure what the answer is.


White whale of parenting. Nice.


New Diva-

Off to win the contest ;)...


Suburban Correspondent-

Very true. I socialize too. I'm not blaming the Mama, just avoiding her!

Moving Mama

What I always find interesting is that no one every admits to being the parent of the child who is the "offender". Can we all say that our child would never ever push or be aggressive towards another child? If so, I suggest that you might be on child one and not child two, three or four. Of course, Pajama Boy is probably a repeat offender, but what is the end goal? Protecting our own child or giving a one-minute life changing child rearing hallelujah moment to someone else's child?

Not saying I've never given the glare/harsh words approach - I have...but maybe there's a better way. And I have to figure out what it is...

Deep thoughts by moving mama :)


Moving Mama-

I yelled at that kid to make myself feel better. No question about it.

Moving Mama

Julianne - Definitely not a critique of your situation :) More of a critique of current day mommyhood. Because "our kid" would never act that way ...

Once I was grocery shopping and my youngest was putting a crayon in his ear. It was keeping him entertained and this young couple walked by with a baby in a stroller and gave me a death look... I think I muttered something like... "you just wait" - meaning we all have our less than perfect parent moments...


Fret not MM, I wasn't offended. I enjoyed your deep thoughts.

I used to laugh at people who said to me, "You just wait" when my oldest was an angelic baby, completely incapable of ever causing me one ounce of stress or emotional anguish. If only I had listened...

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