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November 01, 2007



I am already saving little milk duds boxes that I have emptied (so far I have "emptied" about 10 boxes today alone). I will carefully hot-glue them shut after enclosing a message for the costumeless punks. My message will most likely include a cuss word...I'm not sure which one I will choose just yet.

Karen Vogel

Hey, you spied on my day!


Jacquelyn, that is brillant!!

I don't think we had costumeless teens this year. We did get several girls tht came together and dressed as crayons. Quite a bit of the candy will go to the office with the hubby as I no longer have an office to go to!


I think the Snickers stealer would be me. Maggie busted me last night when she threw something away and said, "hey - - who put this candy wrapper in the garbage?"


Hmmm. I actually kinda like the late teens that come around, by this point the kids have sorted through all the candy they DON'T want and I give it all to the older unsuspecting kids. Stops them from throwing eggs at my house...

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