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October 24, 2007



I have yet to complete mission #1; if I throw out all the ill-fitting jeans, I'd have nothing to wear!

I have the muffin top, and jeans that fit my thunder thighs gap in the waist. And if they fit in the waist ... wait, how would I know if they fit in the waist? I can't get them over my thighs!

I've found that Old Navy men's jeans and Gap women's boyfriend jeans work pretty well.



I'm just a fat old man that can't quite get his head around what your trying to do, but if it will slow the number of heavy set oldies that hang out (literally) at Wally World after 9.00 P.M., in their stretch ca pries and fuzzy house slippers with their thong underwear showing just below their undersized sports bra, more power to ya, hope it works out.



I'm pretty sure men's old navy jeans to NOT qualify as flattering and well-fitting :)

Whatever works, right? I can't find a single pair of jeans that fit me well so you are doing better than I am!


Lord have mercy Papa Dale. I'm pretty sure those Wally Worlders are hopeless!

the movement, I fear, is losing momentum. So much for muffmentum :)


Hmmm. I may go up to my closet and throw out a few pairs of jeans, but I am so so NOT going to go and tell another women that she has a muffn top. Are you mad? Not enough wine in the world for me to go there! Lol.



What kind of a citizen of this world are you? You probably don't recycle either.

Just kidding. Good point. Very good point.


Muffentum: hilarious! OMG, I don't think I could confront my muffin-topping friends.

I gotta say I love the new Lee jeans--yes, Lee. Low rise but not too low and no huge gap in the back of the waist (junk in the trunk). Slight flare. I cannot go back to the 80's skinny jeans. Did it once, ain't gonna do it again.

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