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October 01, 2007



Note to self;-) Remember to really lay the "Christmas is just around the corner!!" stuff on extra extra heavy at Thanksgiving this year, then, sit back and watch the fun!! 2nd note, find a good hiding place for the stuffed deer head with the red nose:-(


Lol. Love PapaDales' comment.

I'm proud of you. Crafty is fun...to do with the AUNTS! I hear you on this one.

I never said it, but thanks for the award too. You're a Rocking Girl Blogger in my books too.


I just went through the same situation tonight. My son was not very happy when I told him Halloween was in thirty days. He thought because it was now October Halloween should be tomorrow.
Hey, and I did something crafty with my kids this week too. We made boxes for Meals on Wheels for their school. It was fun and nerve-racking all in one. :):):):)

Karen Vogel

Yup, you're definitely torturing him. Couldn't you have done something for Columbus Day instead? It's closer.


My kids were the same way when younger; I gave them their own calendars so they could X out the days and count down, and hopefully drive me a little less crazy!

New Diva on the Blog

My daughter has been asking everyday when her grandparents are coming to visit. The other day it was and I told her about 4 weeks. This seemed semi-acceptable to her, but when I changed my terminology to saying it would be a month--this should could not abide--far, far too long.

Moving Mama

Oh - craft glue! And foam. Seems you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation (oh - good pun - pat, pat, pat!) But really, make yourself one of those countdown calendars out of a pad of paper, and let the little guy get his frustrations out by tearing out the date - he can even shout "Trick or Treat - XX days until the Sweets!"

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