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September 11, 2007



I guess that even a Doodlebop has to eat every now and then. . .


Thanks for all these yummy "heads-ups" on Disney. We are going for a couple days next month, and Johnny and I both haven't been since we were kids! We are all needless to say, very excited!


You guys are OH SO LUCKY!!! I've been a big fan since Maggie's 2nd birthday, I especially like the talking moose's head. I have to know, how many fingers do they really have?

New Diva on the Blog

The creme brulee sounds amazing, I am drooling on my computer.


My two year-old is loving the doodlebops. I even found myself be bopping to their music the other day while putting clothes away.
Hey at least you can say you saw a celebrity. Even if it's not one plastered all over the tabloids. If kids had gossip mags I'm sure they would have made the front page many times. :)


It's such a treat to go to a five-star restaurant that serves exemplary food...especially desserts! I rate all my fav eateries based on the quality of their sweets. And to be able to bring the kids along too...extra fun!


First time we went to the big DW, we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved, loved, loved it!!! It was awesome to sit on the porch at night and feel like you were in the "Jungle" Disney style... Sounds like you're having a really fun time!


Aunt Becky-

Darn tootin' They get a work out in those platforms!


Congrats Candice. You guys will have a blast!


Papa Dale-

I was too star struck to count their digits.


New Diva-

Oh, it was.



Now there's a magazine we could start: a children's celebrity gossip magazine! We could start the Hollywood corruption early.



This one would have been high on your list. Yum. Still thinking about it...



Sure, rub it in. We're value resort people :)

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