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August 06, 2007


Aunt Becky

I totally know where you are coming from on this one . . . Maggie & Aleita both love to help me cook, which I can tolerate for awhile. But for me, cooking and baking are things that relax me. . and most of the time having everyone crammed at the counter, making a complete mess, and taking three times as long to complete something has a way of sucking the joy right out of it. When I talk of having a "mother's little helper" it's refering to the glass of red wine that usually assists me in making dinner.


I can soo relate here. My favorite is when they ask to crack an egg. You plead with them to do something else but they insist on cracking the egg. You hold your breath and for a moment you think maybe this won't be so bad as you watch them tap it gently on the side of the bowl. But then that thought turns into... I knew it! The the egg shatters in their hand and tiny fragments of shell sprinkle into the mixing bowl. :)


It's ALWAYS the egg, isn't it? It's like they have some sixth sense when you are about to crack an egg. They waltz in at that precise moment. Once they pulverize the egg sufficiently, they saunter back out to continue their path of destruction in another area of the house---leaving you picking out the elusive eggshells from the mixing bowl one by one.


Holy Toledo there were allot of mistakes in this entry. Sorry people. I'm getting careless with my pronouns. I think I corrected them all.

Janine @ Moving Mama

I long for the day I don't have to make 3 different meals for everyone...The real meal for us, the 1/2 mixed not too mixed meal with the components of our meal for Preschooler, and the what he might actually eat for Toddler. PS/if anyone enters my kitchen while I'm cooking they are taking their life in their own hands or at least a salad spinner.


I do so enjoy your out-take on cookin' glad ya'll survived the beach, and, sounds like things are right back to normal.


This is the reason that fast food places make so much money from all of us, no mess and the kids just get to help open the bags...


Some things never change. My son is now a teen and still refuses to get his hands dirty. You could put your little angels on lookout duty should you ever decide to allow them in your kitchen again. Their job would be to carry a (clean-up) bag, keep their eyes on the floor and pick up anything that falls off the counter. That way you may end up with a clean floor once finished. (Key word is "may").


Christian loves helping me make banana bread. Not so much the smushing of the banana's but measuring the sugar and the flour.


Yes, Aunt Becky, Mother's Little Helper is an imperative part of the cooking process for me when the kids are involved.



Egg cracking should be illegal for anyone under the age of 12.



No comment. I just wanted to call you "Jackie"



I'm working on the whole multiple meal thing right now. Last night my son held his ground for three hours refusing to take a bite of the chicken I had made. It was brutal. Wish me luck!


Yep, Papa Dale, we're back to normal, our own dysfunctional version of normal, but normal none-the-less.


Great idea Keli. I'm going to try that today. Thanks for the tip.



You are right. Would I rather spend $15 for a meal with zero clean-up or spend $10 to cook a meal with lots of clean-up? It's not an easy answer. If the scales weren't so tipped in favor of unhealthy choices, I'd be choosing fast food a lot more often.

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