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August 20, 2007



LOL J! Skin care is such a big thing these days. I use good ol' soap to wash my face every night, and just whatever moisturizer I have lyin' around at the time. I don't stress too much over it, but then again I look like I'm 12! lol! I just figure that all the wrinkles, crows feet etc. etc. etc. are and will just be a part of aging, and well with that said, I'm going to embrace it. Every laugh line, wrinkle etc. is part of who I am, and I like who I am, and so far have had a great life, so if those are my "stretch marks" then so be it. I just hope I age well ;)


I'm trying to find new skincare for my very oily skin. So far, liquid dial soap seems to be doing a great job! Moisturizer, no thank you. Let me know how it works. In the meantime, I'm finishing out all my Mary Kay stuff. Yup, it was pricey but really, it wasn't worth it.


I'm in! I'm through spending big bucks on big ticket cosmetic items. I was at a cousin's wedding this past weekend and that's all many of my mentally incapacitated female relatives talked about - the major expenditure on their skin (including, naturally, botox). They were sucked in by the hype. I'm totally impressed by your self-control.


I use dove soap and dove lotion twice a day. My face only breaks out once a month and that is hormonal. Good luck! Oh and let's plan on beating candice up on wed.! It is easy for her to say "I just figure that all the wrinkles, crows feet etc. etc. etc. are and will just be a part of aging, and well with that said, I'm going to embrace it" when she does look like she is 12!!!! Meet me wed. at 8:15 and we will beat her up on the walk!


I lied I use pond's lotion.


I laughed out loud at the "I can't afford this crap," part. I was in that place too many times and even handed out the credit card. I sold Mary Kay for a while hoping to get some good makeup for cheap or free. Now I just rely on my trusty neutrogena or olive oil bar to wash my face.


I'm in. Let me know how it works.

But I might also just sneak over to the department store just to get a glimpse at the Disco lips.....


Maribeth: We'll have to compare MK notes!! HA!

Janine @ Moving Mama

Can anyone tell me how to even use makeup? I swear I look like a clown if I go beyond bronzer and lipstick. I think my mother left out this essential part of my upbringing. I'm a Body Shop devotee when it comes to cleansers and lotion...and shimery lotion - got to have it. But makeup, aackk!


I am so bad when it comes to my face. I wash it in the shower when I bathe. I use this Oatmeal all natural soap. Sometimes I will just wash w/ soap and cold water too.

A friend of mine, her mother only used cold creme for years and her face is still beautiful at 70. I think you either have great genetics and or you eat great foods that help too in that department.

Plus, the years of being in the sun as a kid I am sure hasn't helped.

I do use Vasoline Aloe Vera lotion on the body after I bathe, but that is the extent.

When I wear makeup I use a little of that and this.

A friend of the family is a dermatologist- he says none of the anti-aging products work, just scams.

Good Luck on your adventures!


Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice. I love you sweetie but your skin is freakishly gorgeous and I think I might be looking forward to aging too if I looked in the mirror and saw your face!


I've got the opposite problem: dry skin, so moisturizer is a must for me. So far, the WalMart knock-off is doing the trick.



Don't be too impressed. I just started this program. It may take months to de-program myself from my own assertions that:
more money = better product and
me = entitled to only the best

I've got my work cut out for me!



I'm in. We'll beat her little 12-year-old self with our discarded lotion bottles!





You sound like my kind of girl!



Yeah, I still fantasize a little about having disco lips of my own.



Don't learn how to use it! It will just make your life more difficult.

I love the Body Shop too but the closest one is 70 miles away.



Good to know about your dermatologist friends. It's nice to know that a professional agrees with my assertions about the cosmetics industry. Making money off of women's insecurities has become America's past-time.


LOL J! Did I not tell you that I wear a mask?! Looks can be decieving. Just wait until you see what's underneath! ;)

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