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July 09, 2007


Aunt Becky

Age two? Not so good. Age three? Even worse.


Aunt Becky-

Couldn't agree more, though I'm cautiously optimistic that my daughter will scale both walls in her second year. See. I never learn.

Aunt Becky

it's good to always think of the glass as half full (of good red wine :)


Didn't you say Sean received a rather large, refillable bottle of Darvon when he had the knee surgery? there you go, two shots of Lynchburg's finest, and a couple of those pills, and she can get her own damn milk!! (You can administer the shots and pills to whomever needs them the most) Not all of anyone's child raising memories are pleasant, that said, good luck, and, with luck, this too will pass.


You're making me glad I don't have kids.


Aunt Becky-

So true. My glass, unfortunately, is usually half empty. But, as long as it's red wine, I really don't care.


Papa Dale-

Nothing could be finer than a Father-In-Law trying to encourage his Daughter-In-Law to turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with her own children.



That wasn't exactly the intention of the blog but I can certainly understand why you feel that way :)

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